The Pantheon Holiday Special: Player Information

With the Pantheon Holiday Special upon us, the time to finalise details for Sunday’s event has come. Thanks to there is a total of $1000 in prizes to play for. In order to be prepared for competition on Sunday, please take the time to read over the ruleset and be adequately prepared for Sunday morning.


The Pantheon Inaugural will make use of the Electronic Sports League (ESL) Counter-strike Global Offensive ruleset that is currently being employed in the ESL A-Series. However, there will be some noted differences. The sections of the ruleset applicable to the ESL Matchmaking System will not be used. Other sections of the ruleset that are specific to the ESL system will also fall under the category of not applicable .


A link to the ESL ruleset can be found HERE.


The tournament director reserves the right to make the final decision regarding all matters, and it is expected that all players will conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner. Decisions regarding each situation will be made in an entirely transparent manner and explained to teams accordingly. Pantheon administration also reserves the right to use discretion regarding infringement of rules and subsequent penalties to ensure the rules are applied in context.

Tournament Specific Rules

  • 4 Grenades in total, 2 Flashes possible
  • cl_bobcycle 0.98 (standard)
  • weapon_debug_spread_show forbidden (has to be 0)
  • weapon_recoil_model (do not use or alter)
  • mat_hdr_level (do not use or alter)
  • Use of exploits, bugs, skywalking, sharking, unsportsmanlike behaviour, abuse will not be tolerated.*
  • Use of Molotov / Incendiary grenades banned.**
  • Players are required to record a POV of every match, and may be required to provide this on request of an administrator. Possible disqualification will apply to  the team of those unable to provide a match POV. It is your responsibility to ensure that each of your team mates are recording for the duration of their matches.
  • Screenshots from each side are required at half time, and full time of each match. Failure to provide these will attract possible penalties.
  • Matches will be forced live if 10mins has passed since the scheduled start time. This is to ensure that the tournament runs as smoothly possible whilst remaining on time.
  • In the group stages, teams will contest in a knife round to decide teams, and will act as directed by an administrator prior to the commencement of the match.
  • If a player drops during a match, the game may only be paused by an administrator. The game may only be paused for a maximum of 3 minutes before it is to be resumed.  A team may however substitute using a registered 6th player if they have one available to them.
  • In the event of a server crash, administrators will follow ESL protocol as outlined in their ruleset.
  • All disputes raised with an administrator will be dealt with as soon as possible.
[box type=”warning”] *Incidents will be dealt with in accordance with the ESL ruleset and admin discretion.    **A team’s first use of a molotov / incendiary grenade will result in a 1 round deduction. Subsequent use of the banned grenades will result in a 3 round deduction, with a 3rd use of a molotov / incendiary in the same match resulting in a forfeit. Ignorance will not be tolerated as an excuse.[/box]

Tournament Structure

The tournament will be conducted as a 16 team, group stage competition progressing to a 4 team single elimination Best of 3 bracket. At this point in time, there will be 2 groups consisting of 5 teams, with the top 2 teams in each group progressing through to the bracket, where they will be drawn against their next opponent (eg. 1st Group A vs 2nd Group B). Teams will have 1 bye during group play due to an uneven number in each group, and teams should use this time accordingly as we wish to remain on schedule throughout the day. Should the group structure change, teams will be notified as soon as possible.
Group stages of the tournament will use MR15, with no additional overtime to be played.
Teams will be awarded 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and 0 points for a loss.
In the case of points tie, progression to the next round will go on the team’s head to head result, and then on round difference. If teams are still equal after these factors have been taken in to account, an additional match (with overtime) will be played to determine who will progress.

Tournament Schedule (AEDT)

10:30am – Captains brief*
11:00am – Group Stage Round 1 
12:00pm – Group Stage Round 2
1:00pm – Group Stage Round 3
2:00pm – Group Stage Round 4 
3:00pm – Semi finals (Bo3) 
5:00pm – 3rd Place Play-Off (Consolation Final)
7:00pm – Grand Final
9:00pm – Tournament wrap up
* The captains brief will take place via IRC.  Nominated team officials are to idle in the #pantheones channel on Gamesurge. If you are having difficulty connecting to IRC, please do not hesitate to contact me via steam.
Please remember that times for this schedule are displayed in Australian Eastern Daylight Time

Map Pool

  • de_inferno_se
  • de_dust2_se
  • de_train_se
  • de_nuke_ve
  • de_mirage_csgo

Rosters and Team Confirmation

A couple of teams have spoken to me in the week regarding roster changes and lineups. As far as lineup changes are concerned, I am happy to accommodate those who need to change rosters (within reason),  up until Saturday evening at 5pm. After such time, rosters will remain locked. If you need to change a player, please contact me via steam. With only 10 teams in the competition, I require all teams to confirm their attendance , which you can do by posting in this thread. Please also visit the team lineup thread in related posts to ensure that your team’s lineup is up to date before the rosters are locked.

Coverage and Media

Thanks to the fantastic crew over at, we will have live streams throughout the day to bring you all the action.  Of course, for live score updates, and official coverage of the day’s events, please stay tuned to the Pantheon E-Sports website, as the site will be a hive of activity surrounding the tournament More information regarding the streams and additional coverage will be announced later in the week.
[box type=”warning”] It is your responsibility to stay up to date with announcements regarding the competition, and as such information in this post is subject to unforeseen changes. While we endeavour to ensure that all teams are made aware of updates to tournament information, the responsibility lies with you, the players to ensure that you are aware of any changes to the tournament.[/box]