Announcing The Pantheon Holiday Special

Pantheon have been working tirelessly since the completion of the Pantheon Inaugural to bring the community another fantastic day of intense competition and spectacle. Thanks to we are very proud to announce our second tournament, The Pantheon Holiday Special. Following the precedent set by the Pantheon Inaugural, 16 CS:GO teams will have the chance to compete for $1000 in cash and prizes which have once again been generously supplied by

Teams will once again face off in a One Day Competition format comprising of a group stage, with the top teams progressing through to a single elimination bracket. These teams will battle it out for $1000 in prizes. With the final prize pool yet to be confirmed, we can announce that so far we have accrued

    • 5 x Cherry Keyboards (RRP. $99AUD ea)
    • $150 in cold hard cash (Thanks to the 3 teams that pulled out last event)
    • An additional $400+ worth of festive cheer to be announced in the coming weeks.

It is time to take out your red felt tip markers and circle the 16th of December 2012 on your calendars.

This tournament is open to Australia & New Zealand players only. All teams are required to make a $50 deposit for your tournament entry via PayPal. This amount will be refunded in its entirety upon the completion of your scheduled matches. In the event your team is unable to field the required 5 players to participate in a scheduled match, your deposit will be kept. This is in the interest of those truly serious about serious competition – everyone deserves the game they signed up for.

How do you register?
Simply reply to this announcement article, listing 5 PES account URLs, your own included (e.g., and your team name.
The first 16 teams to register 5 valid team members and make their team’s $50 deposit via PayPal to [email protected] will be accepted.

With the memory of the Pantheon Inaugural still fresh in the minds of many, we’re sure that signups will fill quickly, so waste no time in getting your team of 5 together and your deposit sent through. Rosters will be limited to 8 players per team, with final team rosters to be locked on Friday 14th December at 9pm.

In the meantime, please support our generous sponsor ; the company that supports you.