CSGO tweaks and fixes

The beta has just expanded again, with another huge number of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive keys dished out by the guys at Hidden Path and Valve. With player numbers on the rise and the beta quickly getting better, I thought it might be helpful to devise a quick FAQ that addresses common issues that players are experiencing:

My mouse feels weird, unresponsive or floaty. How do I fix this?
In the advanced video options screen, ensure Vsync (vertical sync) is completely disabled. Beyond this, you’ll also want to disable mouse acceleration and enable raw mouse input.

CSGO looks kind of blurry, can I make it look sharper?
This is caused by FXAA being enabled. To turn it off, visit the advanced video option screen. Conversely, FSAA can stay on.

My frame rate is seemingly high, but I’m getting odd stutters and frame lag. Help!
It’s still a bit of an anomoly. People have found by switching multi-core rendering off then back on, or going to windowed and back to full-screen fixes this issue, somehow.

How do I stop those damned videos from playing every time I launch CSGO?
In Steam, add “-novid” to your Global Offensive launch options.

I want to play CSGO in a borderless window, how do I do this?
In Steam, add “-windowed -noborder” to your Global Offensive launch options.

My weapon model looks huge, can I make it smaller?
Some people call the size of the weapon the FOV (field of vision), but it is not – that’s something very different. To edit your weapon model size, short of editing weapon perspectives via config, you can simply switch your viewport from “Couch” to “Desktop” in your CSGO options to reduce the size.

Can I improve the directional audio? It sounds really inaccurate.
Many players are experiencing speaker type resets every map, so make sure “headphones” is selected regularly. Some players are also reporting directional audio benefits by setting their audio quality to low.

If we’ve missed anything, let us know!