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Cigarette Smoking Health Effects 4nd Challenges f08r Tobacco Control

Release: Cigarette.Smoking.Health.Effects.4nd.Challenges.f08r.Tobacco.Control

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Cigarette Smoking : Health Effects 4nd Challenges f08r Tobacco Control

Cigarette Smoking :
Health Effects 4nd Challenges f08r Tobacco Control
by Marcia Erazo Bahamondes 4nd Kjersti Ness
English | 2016 | ISBN: 1536103322 | 286 Pages | PDF | 4.58 MB
Tobacco smoking is a maj08r public health issue w08rldwide. It is responsible f08r many preventable diseases, contributes to a large number of premature deaths 4nd accounts f08r en08rmous economic costs. The chapters in this book review a variety of topics related to the sociodemographic characteristics of tobacco consumers, promotion 4nd merch4ndising of tobacco products 4nd health consequences of smoking. It also reviews the mechanisms by which tobacco produce damage, 4nd discuss different interventions f08r tobacco control.

The mechanisms by which cigarette smoke affects health are diverse. Thous4nds of chemical components, mainly toxins 4nd carcinogens are part of tobacco smoke. These components promote the development of cancer, cardiovascular 4nd respirat08ry disease through specific 08r nonspecific mechanisms. Common pathways include DNA damage, mutations of critic genes, vasomot08r dysfunction 4nd oxidative stress, among others.

The effects on health of first-h4nd 4nd second-h4nd smoke exposure have been widely studied, 4nd there is growing evidence regarding consequences of third-h4nd smoke exposure. The constituents, dynamic transf08rmation 4nd distribution of third h4nd smoke are a fruitful area of study, as much as the quantification of its exposure. In this book, many useful indicat08rs of exposure to environmental tobacco smoke are analyzed, ranging from surrogate indicat08rs to direct measurements of the components that reflect dose-response. Advances in this field can provide useful inf08rmation on the extent 4nd effects of smoking, implementing 4nd assessing tobacco control policies.

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